Step 1: Wiring. So to not make it long, this is the wiring I'm using: Potentiometer : (from left to right) GND (A0) 5v. L298n: IN1 IN2 ENA with respectively D8,D9 and D10 From Arduino and the DC motor is in Out1 and Out2. The driver is powerd by 9v battery wired with +12v and GND ( don't forget to ground the Arduino too). "/>
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Fading led with potentiometer and arduino uno. Coming to the schematic of the circuit . Apply 5 volt to 12 volt to the +Pin (anode) of potentiometer and connect -Pin (cathode) to ground. Connect the output pin of potentiometer to the Analog input Pin-A0 of the ardunio. Now connect the led +pin (anode) to the pin#9 of Ardunio. Mar 21, 2022 · If you power the Arduino Uno module and add batteries for motor controller, the DC motor is ready to spin. By sliding potentiometer you can regulate the motor speed and change the direction. The stopping point is in the middle of the potentiometer and if you slide it to the left it will go to one direction and if you slide it to the right it .... In this project, you will learn how to control the speed and direction of spin of the DC motor's rotor. You will use a potentiometer to provide input to the Arduino, and the map () and analogWrite () functions in your sketch to make this work. In Project 1 you learned how to control two DC motors with an Arduino Uno and an L298N motor driver.. Circuit design DC motor with potentiometer created by Gonzalo UtnFra with Tinkercad.