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Pulse-density modulation (PDM) is an attractive alternative to pulse-width modulation (PWM) in applications where the PWM technique creates unwanted spikes in the signal spectrum. We present the implementation of a pulse-density modulator on an FPGA to control the current of a laser. We will use a Red Pitaya board which has 4 slow analog outputs. A PDM-based architecture differs from I2S and TDM in that the decimation filter is in the receiving IC, rather than the transmitting IC.The output of the source is the raw high sample rate modulated data, such as the output of a Sigma-Delta modulator, rather than a decimated data, as it is in I2S.A PDM-based architecture reduces the.Description CROSS-REFERENCE TO RELATED. Output circuits using pulse width modulation (PWM) and/or pulse density modulation (PDM) are described. In one aspect, a PWM output circuit includes a PWM modulator that operates based on a square wave signal instead of a sawtooth or triangular wave signal. In another aspect, a PDM output circuit includes a PDM modulator that uses variable reference voltages to reduce variations in switching. Pulse-density modulation, or PDM, is a form of modulation used to represent an analog signal with a binary signal.In a PDM signal, specific amplitude values are not encoded into codewords of pulses of different weight as they would be in pulse-code modulation (PCM); rather, the relative density of the pulses corresponds to the analog signal's amplitude. The SiS3935 is a bottom port digital MEMS microphone designed in a SMD compliant package of 3.50mm x 2.65mm x 0.98mm. Composed of a reliable and high performance MEMS acoustic sensor, and an ASIC with analog-to-digital converter and PDM modulator integrated, it offers great acoustic performance with 65dB Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), a flat wideband frequency. The.